Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip for EOS 7D

  • Power for twice as many photos (2000 shots / battery charge)

  • Powered by either 2 X LP-E6 batteries or 6 X AA's

  • 1 Year Canon USA Warranty

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Canon BG-E7 Battery Grip for EOS 7D

Brand Canon
Compatible With Canon EOS 7D
Batteries 2 X Canon Rechargeable LP-E6 Battery Packs or 6 X AA Batteries
Warranty Included 1 Year Canon USA Warranty
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  • BG-E7 Battery Grip

  • 1 Year Canon USA Warranty

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With this battery grip, you can shoot over twice as many photos with your Canon EOS 7D. Be sure you understand this grip will only work with the Canon 7D. If you're not familiar with a battery grip, they are commonly used by professionals to shoot weddings, events, etc. so that they have an extra power supply. A grip can really come in handy if you're on vacation or any other time you're out shooting lots of photos without the chance to recharge your batteries. The most convenient thing about this BG-E7 is the fact that you can use either two Canon rechargeable battery packs (LP-E6) or you can simply throw in 6 AA's that are sold universally. Bottom line is this grip will allow you to shoot twice as many shots without the inconvenience of reloading batteries.